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01 Oct 2023

Trust or run away from a tattoo artist: how to know?

Choosing the best tattoo artist becomes more important as the practice grows more popular. Your tattoo experience can be made or broken by the tattoo artist you choose, who will have an impact on both the caliber of the tattoo's art and your general satisfaction. It's significant to put your trust in a tattoo artist,…
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27 Aug 2023

What qualifications should you look for in your tattoo artist

Deciding to get a tattoo is a big choice that requires both your own creativity and the expert workmanship of a tattoo artist. While the temptation of a beautiful design may be alluring, it is crucial to select a skilled and knowledgeable realistic, 3D, or fine line tattoo artist. Tattooing demands technical proficiency, in-depth knowledge…
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24 Jul 2023

Photoshop or real tattoo? The Biggest Problem in the tattoo industry

Over the past few decades, the tattoo industry has seen a phenomenal rise in popularity. A big obstacle has emerged as more people use body art as a means of self-expression: the proliferation of photoshopped or digitally altered tattoo images. This dilemma creates irrational expectations and jeopardizes the integrity of the industry, which is problematic…
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12 Jun 2023

5 Things to Consider Before Tattooing

In recent years, tattoos have grown in popularity as more and more people have come to accept them as a form of self-expression. They provide people the chance to express their creativity, remember important occasions, or just enjoy the aesthetic value of body art. Want a single-needle tattoo? Then find the best single-needle tattoo artist…
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11 May 2023

Your first tattoo: What to expect?

Doing something for the first time can be exciting, but it can also be scary. Getting a tattoo is no exception - it's a permanent addition to your body, which can make the experience even more intimidating. However, once you take the leap and get your first tattoo, you may find yourself hooked and wanting…
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10 Apr 2023

10 questions the tattoo artist always asks before they start

Tattoos have been used as a form of self-expression and cultural identity for centuries. And while getting a tattoo can be a thrilling experience, it is important to ensure that you get the best possible outcome. One key element in achieving this is communication with your tattoo artist. A professional tattoo artist will ask you…
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