tattoo artist in glendale california


This is a question best answered through a consultation. Knowing and understanding all sorts of considerations is what determines price, for example: size, placement, style, and others. Having said that, I charge $100 an hour, but if you have a large piece that’s going to be a long day, I’ll charge $800. 

The answer is yes, I rather enjoy doing smaller works, whether they’re small and simple, or detailed and elaborate.

Your new tattoo should be treated like a wound, because it is. Gently wash it with antimicrobial soap and apply Aquaphore 1-2 times a day until it’s healed.

It’s definitely not painless, and everyone is different in their pain tolerance. However, people wouldn’t come in frequently if the pain was too much to bear.

Touch ups shouldn’t be frequent, however, if the tattoo needs a touch-up, especially within the first year, it won’t cost you anything. After, the first year prices should be determined through consultation.

The shop I work in, “Inkmanic Tattoo Studio,” has an official closing time of 11pm; however, if you contact me directly before 11:00 pm I will consider staying for you. 

I enjoy doing cover-ups, it’s always a challenge and very rewarding to help my clients who want to rid themselves of an ugly tattoo.